About Us


  • Jellyboxx created an incredibly durable phone case that also happens to be fashionable! Imagine a dropped phone actually bouncing to safety? This idea lead us to develop a product that not only performs different, but actually fundamentally looks different and unique by design! we decided to create a product that Fashionably Conscious people who need similar features and benefits to an OtterBox would adore! Introducing Jellyboxx Bounce! An Iconic fashion and technology accessory! Designed to get you noticed!. Jellyboxx phone cases are a bold fashion statement, forged in a jelly-like material that absorbs shock of sudden drops with a fun bounce! Our cases are designed as a fashion accessory first and foremost. The look is bold, unique, and memorable! all key attributes for an iconic design.
  • Jellyboxx are located in Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.
  • Jellyboxx has been in bussiness for 6 years
  • We have enjoyed running our online shop since 2013.
  • Their are ten members to the Jellyboxx team. Each person is very important to us, because they play important roles to make sure we bring you the most amazing Jellyboxx Bounce experience! We are all energetic, creatively drivin, spontaneos, fun, and always innovative.
  • Jellyboxx team would love to hear from you! info@jellyboxx.com
  • Intagram: @jellyboxxbounce , Facebook: @Jellyboxxbounce